Engineering Pedestal Rubber Shock Absorption Bearing Molding Machine

Engineering Pedestal Rubber Shock Absorption Bearing Molding Machine

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Guangdong China
Brand Name: JUCHUAN
Certification: SGS CE ISO9001:2015
Model Number: JC-HF

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: USD 21800-40000one set
Packaging Details: container
Delivery Time: 50days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100 Set/Sets per Month
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Detail Information

Clamp Force: 50-1000 Plunger Stroke: 200-350
Mold Opening Type: 2RT3RT4RT Gross Weight: 5-28.5
High Light:

Shock Absorption Bearing Molding Machine


Engineering Pedestal Molding Machine


Rubber Bearing Molding Machine

Product Description

Engineering Pedestal Rubber Shock Absorption Bearing Molding Machine Column Structure
Engineering Pedestal Rubber Shock Absorption Bearing Molding Machine 0
Detailed Product Description
Clamp Force: 1000 Ton Platen Size: 1200*1200mm
Plunger Stroke: 600mm Heating Plates Distance: 700mm
Tie Bar Distance: 6 Columns Motor Capacity: 11KW
Heater Capacity: 100KW Total Power: 120KW
Gross Weight: 23 Ton Machine Dimensions: L2200*W3700*H3150mm
High Light:

hydraulic vulcanizing machine


rubber vulcanizing equipment





Plate Vulcanizing Machine Installation Steps:

  1. During the installation of the vulcanizer, the lower frame and the tape should be placed on the platform at a 70-degree angle. Place the water pressure plate on the rack and place the lower heating plate working face up on the water pressure plate. The circumference needs to be aligned with the water pressure plate, and the joint of the tape needs to be treated on the lower heating plate. The small hole on the heating plate is the temperature measuring hole. When there is an accident and the temperature control box can't control the temperature, the thermometer can be inserted into the temperature measuring hole for manual control. Achieve the role of emergency.
  2. After the tape joints are processed according to the requirements of the vulcanization process, the ends are aligned with the center line and placed on the lower heating plate. If it is a combination of multiple vulcanizers, it is necessary to lay a 0.3mm thick steel or copper skin on the joint. After laying the iron sheet, it is necessary to install a flat iron plate of 75 mm width, 0.5-1 mm thickness and length longer than the vulcanizer length of 700 mm on both sides of the joint. Then use a clamping device to adjust the spacing between the two horns to the same width as the tape. The upper heating plate needs to be aligned with the lower heating plate, and the working surface is opposite to the lower heating plate. Similarly, if multiple vulcanizers are used together, it is necessary to place steel or copper at the seams.
  3. After the upper heating plate is placed, place the heat insulation board. Then use a secondary cable to link the control box to the heating plate, connect the power supply with a single electrical connection and connect to the control box. After the control system is installed, use a high-pressure hose to link the water pressure plate and the pressure test pump, then perform temperature and time setting checks and reset all switches. When the switch is reset, the switch on the control box needs to be adjusted to automatic, the main switch is turned on, and the water pressure is applied to the specified pressure.
  4. The temperature of the two heating plates has reached the set value, and then the vulcanization time is turned on. At the end of the vulcanization time, the device is automatically powered off. After the compound has cooled to the specified opening temperature, the water pressure is removed, the heating plate is released, and the vulcanization process is completed.
  5. It is worth noting that if a large-size vulcanizing machine vulcanizes a relatively small-sized tape, it is necessary to fill the gap between the heating plate and the tape with a filler, otherwise the heating plate is easily deformed.


Rubber Vulcanizing Machine Market Overview:

  • With the development of the tire industry, in the United States and Europe, the proportion of radial tires accounted for more than 95%, and the proportion of radial tires in China is gradually increasing, which shows that hydraulic vulcanizers have a considerable potential market. .
  • As a new technology, the hydraulic vulcanizer has been continuously improved and improved. It has been matured in mass production abroad and is widely used in tire vulcanization. The world's tire companies are using hydraulic vulcanizers. Like Krupp in Germany and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Japan, all the tires of the former are produced by hydraulic vulcanizing machines, and the latter have a considerable division which is produced by hydraulic vulcanizing machines.
  • At present, in China, mechanical vulcanizing machines can not meet the requirements of high-grade radial tire uniformity. With the increase of high-grade radial tires, hydraulic vulcanizing machines are further optimistic. Hydraulic vulcanizers are about to form a new consumer boom, with new economic growth in tire and rubber plants.
  • The hydraulic cylinder leakage problem of the hydraulic station that has long plagued the hydraulic vulcanizing machine has been basically solved. The general direction of the development of the world vulcanizing machine is the hydraulic vulcanizing machine, and the hydraulic vulcanizing machine will soon become a new profit growth point of the vulcanizing machine industry. At present, the hydraulic vulcanizing machine is also the development of China's vulcanizing machine manufacturers. After several years, the hydraulic vulcanization opportunity has reached 50%.


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Specific Characteristic

  1. Twin work position design, are required with independent oil circuit, dual oil pump, double motor.
  2. Vacuum pumping device draws out air in die cavity to avoid trapped gas, short injection, shorten forming period and improve product quality.
  3. Suitable for rubber parts with complicated structure and difficult exhaust.
  4. Open the mold design: a new type of patent guide rail. Special design can be 90 degrees open angle, easy to operate.
  5. Mold handling design: in the mold handling agencies to join a special design. It is durable and quiet. Fast and outdated.
  6. Hydraulic System Design: The system uses high-pressure pump and low-pressure pump, which can shut down two presses at the same time. The system is less noise, stable performance, and long service life.
  7. Alignment: provide two different mold calibration speeds: fast and slow, the user can choose to use according to the actual situation. It makes calibration more secure and accurate.

Technical parameter

Model 100HF 200HF 250HF 300HF 350HF 400HF 500HF 1200HF
Clamp Force(Ton) 100 200 250 300 350 400 500 1200
Platen Size (mm) 400*460 550*560 650*600 700*800 750*750 850*850 1000*1000 1600*1200
Plunger Diameter (mm) Φ250 Φ360 Φ400 Φ450 Φ480 Φ500 Φ560 Customized
Plunger Stroke (mm) 200 250 250 300 300 300 350 350
Heating Plates Distance (mm) 200 - 300 250 - 350 250 - 350 300 - 400 300 - 400 300 - 400 350 - 450 350 - 550
Tie Bar Distance (mm) 490*230 650*320 745*310 785*380 / 940*450 1105*475 Six Tie Bars
Mold Opening Type 2RT- 3RT - 4RT - Track - Suspension
Max. Operating Pressure (MPa) 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20
Motor Power (KW) 5.5*2 7.5*2 7.5*2 11*2 11*2 11 11 11
Heating Power (KW) 7.2*2 13.5*2 15.3*2 24*2 24*2 26.4*2 36 126
Total Power (KW) 25.4 42 45.6 63 70 74.8 47 144.5
Gross Weight (Ton) 5 7.8 11 15 / 17 13.5 28.5
Machine Size L*W*H (mm) 2500*2080*1950 2930*2350*2050 3190*2780*2230 3360*2970*2250 Customized 3660*3050*2350 1460*3600*2380 2350*5400*2950



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Company Information


* Guangzhou JuChuan Machinery Co. Ltd. has been established in 1997 with a covering area of 20,000 square meters and over 20 sets of processing equipment. Our major products are including silicone rubber injection molding machine, vacuum compression molding machine, hydraulic hot press machine, injection molds, customized equipment and auxiliary equipment like robot arms.

* Our products have gained the national patents with efforts of the esteemed engineers, the advanced R&D ability, and the long-term technical cooperation with German company. We have a completed quality management system and excellent after-sale service system based on the standard GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001-2015. With the idea of "Quality is the BASIC to create value", we commit to provide the best technical support and sales services for all our customers.

* Nowadays, our products export to Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Cambodia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Morocco, Pakistan, Iran, Tunisia, Egypt, Israel, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Guatemala and Mexico.

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Our service

1. Free technology training: you can come for inspection and training for free.

2. Free Installation and debugging: Our engineers will teach you about the installation and debugging for free.

3. After-sales service: We will supply the free repairmen on this machine for one year, but will supply the maintenance lifetime. (The service is only for natural damage)

4. Online remote control for software problems, whatspp or wechat for video checking.

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