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Automatic Feeding Horizontal Rubber Injection Molding Machine

China Guangzhou Ju Chuan Machinery Co., Ltd. certification
China Guangzhou Ju Chuan Machinery Co., Ltd. certification
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Automatic Feeding Horizontal Rubber Injection Molding Machine

Automatic Feeding Horizontal Rubber Injection Molding Machine
Automatic Feeding Horizontal Rubber Injection Molding Machine Automatic Feeding Horizontal Rubber Injection Molding Machine Automatic Feeding Horizontal Rubber Injection Molding Machine Automatic Feeding Horizontal Rubber Injection Molding Machine

Large Image :  Automatic Feeding Horizontal Rubber Injection Molding Machine

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Guangdong China
Brand Name: JC
Certification: ISO9001; SGS
Model Number: JC-400HI-FL

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: USD 28850-40000per set
Packaging Details: Shrink Film Packing
Delivery Time: 45-50 days
Supply Ability: 500pcs per year
Detailed Product Description
Clamp Force: 400 Ton Applications: Hollow Sleeve Insulator, Automatic Car Used
Injection Volume: 4000CC Machine Size: 3600*2600*2700mm
Heater Capacity: 24kw Bar Distance: 820*395mm
High Light:

automatic rubber moulding machine


rubber transfer moulding machine

Automatic Feeding Horizontal Rubber Injection Molding Machine



Rubber Products Manufacturing Techniques:


Varieties and classification methods of carbon black
Carbon black is the main reinforcing agent in the rubber industry. In order to meet the development requirements of the rubber industry, more than dozens of specifications and grades have been developed. In the past, some were classified according to system laws and some were classified according to functions, which was rather chaotic. Later, a new classification method of ASTM-1765 was developed. The emergence of this method puts an end to the previous chaotic classification and lack of scientific characterization of carbon black, but its disadvantage is that it does not reflect the structure of carbon black. Several classification methods of carbon black are described below.

  1. According to manufacturing method
  • (1) Contact carbon black is to contact the burning flame of the raw material gas with a collection surface with a lower temperature, so that the carbon black produced by incomplete combustion is cooled and attached to the collection surface, and then collected. This type of contact carbon black includes channel carbon black, drum carbon black and disc carbon black. Channel carbon black uses natural gas as a raw material, through a special burner, the carbon black is deposited on the surface of the channel steel before being collected. Because its raw material is mainly natural gas with methane as the main component, it is also called natural gas channel carbon black or gas channel carbon black. The conversion rate of channel carbon black is about 5%. It is characterized by high oxygen content (up to 3% on average), acidity, and low ash content (generally less than 0.1%), and it is rarely used now.
  • (2) Furnace carbon black This is the main type of carbon black. It uses gaseous hydrocarbons, liquid hydrocarbons or a mixture of gaseous hydrocarbons and liquid hydrocarbons as raw materials, and supplies appropriate amounts of air to burn at high temperatures in the reactor to produce carbon black suspension. In the flue gas, it is collected after cooling. The use of only gaseous hydrocarbon feedstocks, such as carbon black produced by natural gas, oilfield associated gas or coal mine gas, is called the gas furnace method. The carbon black produced by only using liquid hydrocarbon feedstock, such as coal tar system or petroleum system oil, is called the oil furnace method. The conversion rate of the oil furnace method is 40% to 75%, and the conversion rate of the gas furnace method is 28% to 37%. Furnace carbon black is characterized by low oxygen content (about 1%), alkaline, and high ash content (usually 0.2% to 0.6%), which may be caused by minerals in the water when the water is cooled.
  • (3) Thermal cracking carbon black is made by cracking natural gas or acetylene gas in a preheated reactor (1200-1400°C) under the condition of isolating air. The conversion rate is 30% to 47%, the carbon black particles are coarse, the reinforcement is low, the oxygen content is low (less than 0.2%), and the carbon content is more than 99%.
  • (4) The second-generation carbon black of new process carbon black is improved from the original furnace carbon black production process. The reinforcement of the new process carbon black is one grade higher than that of the corresponding traditional carbon black. Under the same specific surface area as traditional carbon black, the abrasion resistance of rubber products is increased by 20% to 55%. The new process carbon black has more uniform aggregates, narrower distribution, more than a dozen units higher than the traditional color strength, more open shape, and smoother surface. N375, N339, N352, N234, N299, etc. are all new process carbon blacks.
  1. Points by function
  • (1) Hard carbon black has a particle size of 40nm or less and is highly reinforcing carbon black, such as super wear-resistant, medium-super wear-resistant, high wear-resistant carbon black, etc.
  • (2) Carbon black with a particle size of 40nm or more and low reinforcement, such as semi-reinforced carbon black, thermal black, etc.This classification method is relatively rough, and is mainly named according to the nature of carbon black and its reinforcing effect on rubber.
  1. According to ASTM standard classification
  • my country began to adopt the American ASTM 1765-81 classification nomenclature in the 1980s. The nomenclature consists of four digits, the first symbol is >^ or 3, which represents the curing speed. Where N represents the normal vulcanization speed; and S represents the slow vulcanization speed of rubber products. There are three digits after the N and S symbols. The first digit indicates the average particle size range of carbon black; the second and third digits have no clear meaning and represent the difference between different grades in each series. The particle size is divided into 10 ranges according to the data measured by electron microscopy, and the particle size range of rubber carbon black is between 11,500 nm.


Model Unit 300HI-FL 400HI-FL 550HI-FL 600HI-FL 800HI-FL 1000HI-FL
Clamping Force Ton 300 400 550 600 800 1000
Injection Capacity cc 3000 4000 10000(12000) 6000 8000 10000
Injection pressure kgf/cm² 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000
Operate table size mm 700*700 700*700 700*1500 850*850 1000*1000 1200*1200
Min. Mold Thickness mm 200 200 510 200 250 250
Plunger stroke mm 400 400 700 500 500 500
Distance of Thermo-plate mm 600 600 960 700 750 750
Distance of Tie bar mm 820*395 820*395 820*640 970*500 1240*590 1340*800
Die sinking type 2RT-3RT-4RT-Upper ejector-Bottom ejector
Max. Operating
Mpa 20 20 20 20 20 20
Motor Power hp 15(11kw) 15(11kw) 30/7.5
20(15kw) 20(15kw) 25(18.5kw)
Heater Power Kw 24 24 45 29.75 35 42
Total Power Kw 39 39 80 48.75 54 64.5
Gross weight Ton 9.5 10.5 25 14.5 18.5 22
Dimension(L*W*H) mm 3500*2600

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