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Front / Back Mold Opening Rubber Vulcanizing Equipment Press Dwon 1000 Ton Clamp Force

China Guangzhou Ju Chuan Machinery Co., Ltd. certification
China Guangzhou Ju Chuan Machinery Co., Ltd. certification
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Front / Back Mold Opening Rubber Vulcanizing Equipment Press Dwon 1000 Ton Clamp Force

Front / Back Mold Opening Rubber Vulcanizing Equipment Press Dwon 1000 Ton Clamp Force
Front / Back Mold Opening Rubber Vulcanizing Equipment Press Dwon 1000 Ton Clamp Force Front / Back Mold Opening Rubber Vulcanizing Equipment Press Dwon 1000 Ton Clamp Force Front / Back Mold Opening Rubber Vulcanizing Equipment Press Dwon 1000 Ton Clamp Force Front / Back Mold Opening Rubber Vulcanizing Equipment Press Dwon 1000 Ton Clamp Force

Large Image :  Front / Back Mold Opening Rubber Vulcanizing Equipment Press Dwon 1000 Ton Clamp Force

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Guangdong China
Brand Name: JC
Certification: LFGB CE SGS
Model Number: JC-1000HF

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Price Negotiated
Packaging Details: Shrink Film Packing
Delivery Time: 45 days
Supply Ability: 500 sets per year
Detailed Product Description
Clamp Force: 1000 Ton Platen Size: 1200*1200mm
Plunger Diameter: 800mm Main Cylinder Stroke: 600mm
Heating Plates Distance: 700mm Mold Opening Mode: Front/Back
Max Opening Pressure: 20MPa Motor Capacity: 15HP(11KW)
Heater Capacity: 100KW Max Heating Temperature: 220 Degrees
Gross Weight: 38 Tons Machine Dimensions: L2200*W3700*H3150mm
High Light:

hydraulic vulcanizing machine


rubber vulcanizing equipment

Press Dwon 1000 Ton Clamp Force Rubber Elastomeric Bearing Vulcanizing Molding Machine


Rubber Products Treatment After Vulcanization:


When the rubber mold product is vulcanized, the rubber material will continue to flow out along the parting surface of the mold to form an overflow rubber edge, also known as a flash or flash edge. The thickness and thickness of the rubber edge are determined by the structure and precision of the mold. The parallelism of the flat vulcanizer plate and the amount of glue remaining. Nowadays, the products produced by the infinite mold have a very thin rubber edge, and sometimes they can be removed or gently rubbed off when the mold is released. However, such molds are expensive and fragile, and most rubber moldings require finishing after curing.

  1. Manual finishing
  • Manual trimming is an ancient method of trimming, which involves manually punching the edges with a punch; using a knife such as scissors or a scraper to remove the edges. The quality and speed of hand-trimmed rubber products will vary from person to person. The geometry of the finished product must meet the requirements of the product drawings and must not be scratched, scratched or deformed. Before dressing, you must be clear about the trimming position and technical requirements, master the correct dressing method and use the tool correctly.
  1. Mechanical dressing
  • Mechanical punching and trimming The rubber edge of the product is removed by means of a press machine and a die and a punching knife. This method is suitable for articles and molded articles whose glue edges can be placed on the die or the punching plate, such as stoppers, cups, and the like. For products with high gel content and low hardness, the impact method is generally used to impact the trimming edge. In this way, the edge of the knife can be reduced due to the large elasticity of the product, and the side surface is concave; and the rubber content is lower and the hardness is higher. The product can be directly cut by the knife die method. In addition, die cutting is also divided into cold cutting and hot cutting. Cold cutting refers to punching at room temperature, requiring higher punching pressure and better punching quality. Hot cutting refers to higher temperature and die cutting. It should prevent the high temperature from contacting the product for too long and affect the product quality.
  • Mechanical cutting and trimming is suitable for trimming of products with larger outer dimensions, using cutting tools. A side cutting machine is a special machine, and different products use different cutters. For example, after the tire is vulcanized, there are strips of different lengths on the surface of the gas eye and the vent line, and the strip must be removed using the grooved tool under the condition of the tire rotating.
  • Mechanical grinding and trimming For mold rubber products with inner and outer circles, grinding is usually used. The grinding blade is a grinding wheel with a certain thickness of the particles. The precision of grinding and trimming is low, and the grinding surface is rough, and there may be residual sand particles, which affects the use effect.
  • Low temperature shot blasting For fine products with high trimming quality requirements, such as 0-rings, small cups, etc., this method can be used for trimming. The product is rapidly cooled to below the brittle temperature with liquid nitrogen or dry ice, and then the metal bullet or plastic projectile is sprayed at a high speed to break the flash and peel off, and the trimming is completed.
  • Low-temperature brushing and trimming It removes the rubber edge of the frozen rubber product by means of two nylon brushes rotating around a horizontal axis.
  • Low-temperature drum trimming It is the earliest adopting the method of freezing trimming. The impact force generated by the rotation of the drum and the friction between the products are used to break and fall off the edge of the product that has been frozen to below the embrittlement temperature. The shape of the drum is generally octagonal to increase the impact force of the product in the drum, the rotation speed of the drum should be moderate, and the addition of the abrasive can improve the efficiency. For example, the trimming process of the rubber plug of the electrolytic capacitor is to use a low temperature drum to trim.
  • Low-temperature vibration trimming, also known as vibration freezing trimming, the products are spirally vibrated in the ring-shaped sealed box, and there is a strong impact between the products and between the product and the abrasive, causing the frozen embrittlement drop. The low-temperature vibration trimming is better than the low-temperature drum trimming, the product damage rate is low, and the production efficiency is relatively low.
  • Low-temperature swinging and dithering trimming are applicable to small or micro-products or micro-rubber products containing metal skeletons, and the rubber edges in the product holes, corners and grooves are repaired together with the abrasive.

Plate Vulcanizing Machine Parameters:

Model Unit 200HF 300HF 400HF 500HF 1000HF 1200HF
Clamping Force Ton 200 300 400 500 1000 1200
Operation table size mm 550*560 700*800 850*850 1000*1000 1200*1200 1600*2200
Plunger stroke mm 250 300 300 350 600 350
Distance of mm 250-350 300~400 300~400 350~450 700 350~550
Distance of Tie bar mm 650*320 785*380 940*450 1105*475   6 posts
Die sinking type Track-Suspension-2RT-3RT-4RT optional  optional  optional  optional optional  optional
Max Operating Mpa 20 20 20 20 20 20
Motor Power hp 10*2(7.5kw*2) 10*2(7.5kw*2) 15*2(11kw*2) 15(11kw) 11 25(18.5kw)
Electric Heating Kw 13.5*2 24*2 26.4*2 36 100 126
Total Power Kw 42 63 74.8 47 120 144.5
Gross weight Ton 7.8 15 17 13.5 23 28.5
Dimension(L*W*H) mm 2930*2350*2050 3360*2970*2250 3660*3050*2350 1460*3600*2380 2200*3700*3150 2350*5400*2950


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Front / Back Mold Opening Rubber Vulcanizing Equipment Press Dwon 1000 Ton Clamp Force 0

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