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Classification Of Automotive Rubber Products And Their Role In Automobiles

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Company News
Classification Of Automotive Rubber Products And Their Role In Automobiles
Latest company news about Classification Of Automotive Rubber Products And Their Role In Automobiles

Rubber tires are called the legs of a car, and the important role of the tire in the car is self-evident. Tires are rubber products with the largest amount of glue in the rubber industry, so in the rubber industry, tires are often separated from rubber products into a special type. In automotive parts, rubber tires are a special accessory.

Automotive rubber products can be divided into seven categories: tires, sealing products, shock absorbing products, safety products, tape products, hose products and other products such as wipers, fenders, adhesives, sealants and interior products.

  1. Tire
  • Car tires play the role of carrying the weight of the car, the weight of the people and the goods on the car, and also play the role of the car to advance, retreat, turn and brake. The safety, comfort and driving performance of a car depend to a large extent on the high performance and quality of the tire.
  • Rubber tires have a history of 160 years. As early as 1845, the British R. W. Thomso put a hose on the wooden wheel, which reduced the rolling resistance of the wheel and reduced the vibration, but this early rubber tire was very popular at the time. Of course this should be attributed to the excellent properties of rubber materials. Until 1888, the British J. B. Dunlop invented pneumatic tires. In the next hundred years, with the development of the automobile industry, rubber tires have experienced the development and advancement of several generations of products. The development of tire frame materials from cotton cords, rayon to nylon cords To today's steel radial tires.
  • Humans invented pneumatic tires, which effectively promoted the development of automobiles. Because the pneumatic tire has excellent shock absorption performance, the vibration is obviously reduced, the safety of the vehicle is better, the ride is more comfortable, and the driving speed of the vehicle can be greatly improved. With the continuous advancement of rubber materials, formulation technology, manufacturing equipment and manufacturing processes, the safety and durability of automobile tires are greatly improved. For example, in 1900, the mileage of each tire was only 800km; by 1978, the mileage of each tire had reached 60,000km; to the 21st century, the mileage of each tire was no less than 140,000km, or even 20 Ten thousand km. The speed of the car has increased significantly with the rapid construction and commissioning of the expressway, from tens of km/h to 100km/h, 140km/h and even 200km/h.
  1. Sealing Products
  • Sealing products are divided into three categories: O-rings, skeleton oil seals and sealing strips. O-rings and skeleton oil seals are installed in the engine, gearbox, car main shaft and hydraulic pneumatic transmission system to prevent leakage of lubricating oil, hydraulic oil and other liquids or gas leakage, to ensure the normal operation of various component systems, and to prevent external grit Dust impurities enter the system and affect the normal operation of the machine. O-ring seals and skeleton oil seals are primarily used for the sealing of rotating shafts or reciprocating shaft systems. According to the structure, the skeleton oil seal can be divided into internal skeleton oil seal, outer skeleton oil seal, semi-exposed skeleton oil seal, lip seal oil seal, with lip oil seal and combined oil seal, etc.; according to the installation position in the automobile, it can be divided into crankshaft front oil seal and crankshaft rear oil seal. , gearbox oil seal, cam box oil seal, wheel housing oil seal, semi-shaft oil seal, pneumatic guide oil seal and shock absorber oil seal. Sealant strips are mainly used in automobile doors and windows, trunks, engine covers, etc., and serve as sealing, windshield, rain, shock absorption and sound insulation. According to the structure, it can be divided into pure rubber sealing strip (also can be divided into sponge rubber and dense rubber) and composite sealing strip (divided rubber/metal skeleton composite strip, two or more rubber composite strips and rubber plastic composite strip).
  1. Shock Absorption Products
  • Rubber shock absorbers are mainly installed in engines, body, air conditioning and car suspension systems. It is mainly used to reduce the vibration and noise when the car is running, and to improve the stability, safety and comfort of the car. With the continuous improvement of the comprehensive performance of modern automobiles, higher and higher requirements are placed on the performance and quality of rubber shock absorbing products. Mainly required to have shock absorbing damping properties, anti-dynamic fatigue performance and long life durability. Automotive rubber shock absorbers mainly include air springs, engine front and rear suspension pads, flexible couplings, rubber bushings of various shapes, gaskets, and the like. In the premium car, special shock absorbers with excellent performance are also installed in each tire support.
  1. Safety Products
  • Automotive rubber safety products play a role in braking reliability, driving safety and personal safety in automobiles. Safety products mainly include brake film (diaphragm), cups, brake pads, airbags and bumpers.
  • The brake film and the cup are directly related to the safety of the car. When an accident occurs in the car, the car is quickly decelerated and stopped to ensure the safety of the vehicle and personnel. Airbags are rubber products that provide safety for vehicle personnel in the event of an accident in the vehicle. The bumper is used to reduce the impact of a car in the event of a collision.
  1. Hose Products
  • Hose products are used in the chassis, engine and body parts. They are used in the seven systems of oil, gas, drive, control, brake, cooling and heating to supply oil, gas, water and power. There are fuel hoses, water hoses, brake hoses, vacuum hoses, air-conditioning hoses, radiator hoses, power steering hoses and shaped hoses.
  1. Tape Products
  • Tape products are mainly used in automobiles to transmit torque power and speed, and transfer power from the power source engine to where power is needed. Installed in cooling fans, cooling pumps, brake compressors, booster pumps, air conditioning systems and steering systems. The tape products are divided into V belts (also divided into ordinary V belts and V-ribbed belts) and timing belts (toothed belts). According to the structure, the V belt is further divided into a cutting belt and a wrapping belt. The V belt is characterized by high speed and high transmission power. The synchronous toothed belt is used for the ignition of the engine engine, and the use condition is high speed, large transmission power and high temperature.
  1. Other Products
  • Such rubber products include automotive rubber sheets (inner rubber sheets and fenders), automotive interiors and adhesives, sealants, wiper strips, and the like. Floor glue is used to lay the ground inside the car, anti-shock and anti-skid. The wiper strip is used for rain and snow to remove the rain and snow on the windshield, ensuring the driver's sight, normal operation and normal driving. Adhesives are used for the bonding of automotive interior materials and the protection of the underside of automobiles.
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