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Auto Parts Horizontal Rubber Injection Molding Machine 250 Ton Clamp Force Screw Feeding

China Guangzhou Ju Chuan Machinery Co., Ltd. certification
China Guangzhou Ju Chuan Machinery Co., Ltd. certification
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Auto Parts Horizontal Rubber Injection Molding Machine 250 Ton Clamp Force Screw Feeding

Auto Parts Horizontal Rubber Injection Molding Machine 250 Ton Clamp Force Screw Feeding
Auto Parts Horizontal Rubber Injection Molding Machine 250 Ton Clamp Force Screw Feeding Auto Parts Horizontal Rubber Injection Molding Machine 250 Ton Clamp Force Screw Feeding Auto Parts Horizontal Rubber Injection Molding Machine 250 Ton Clamp Force Screw Feeding Auto Parts Horizontal Rubber Injection Molding Machine 250 Ton Clamp Force Screw Feeding

Large Image :  Auto Parts Horizontal Rubber Injection Molding Machine 250 Ton Clamp Force Screw Feeding

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Guangdong China
Brand Name: JC
Certification: ISO9001; SGS; CE
Model Number: JC-250HI-FL

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: USD 28850-40000per set
Packaging Details: Shrink Film Packing
Delivery Time: 45-50 days
Supply Ability: 500pcs per year
Detailed Product Description
Clamp Force: 250ton Injection Volume: 2500cc
Injection Pressure:: 2000kgf/cm² Plate Size:: 600*700mm
Plunger Stroke:: 500mm Min Mold Thickness: 100mm
Heating Plates Distance: 600mm Motor Capacity: 7.3 Ton
Machine's Dimensions:: 18KW Total Capacity: 33KW
High Light:

automatic rubber moulding machine


rubber transfer moulding machine

Auto Parts Factory Used Rubber Injection Machine 250 Ton Clamp Force Screw Feeding


Injection Machine Hydraulic Drive:

  • The basic types of driving of the injection machine mainly include mechanical transmission (motor and tooth reduction gear box); hydraulic transmission (oil pump and its components); hybrid transmission (injection device is hydraulic, and the clamping device uses mechanical transmission).
  • Compared with mechanical transmission, hydraulic transmission generally has the following advantages: speed and pressure and stroke can be set arbitrarily, the setting method is also convenient, the pressure value is easy to read directly; easy to realize pressure and speed program control and centralized control of the machine Smooth movement, self-lubricating and anti-static properties; easy to achieve overload protection.
  • The main disadvantages are: temperature and oil temperature changes will affect the speed and pressure of the system; speed and position accuracy is not mechanically accurate; many components, low efficiency (power consumption, water consumption, fuel consumption is relatively large); maintenance technology High requirements; noise, oil pollution.
  • As the hydraulic components are manufactured and the level of maintenance continues to increase, the above disadvantages are overcome to varying degrees. At the same time, the injection machine is getting higher and higher in terms of control technology. Therefore, hydraulic drive type injection machines are currently the most.
  • Advantages of the hydraulic drive technology of the injection machine include: For system-related reasons, the hydraulic drive also has some advantages that the motor does not have. The hydraulic drive directly produces a linear movement that does not require any mechanical transformation and has a wide range of force and speed ratios. Relative to the load, the hydraulic system is overloaded and the stored energy can be used immediately.

Injection Machine Electrical Control System:

  1. The world's most advanced injection machines generally use a microcomputer-controlled full-closed control system, which includes: keyboard input, screen display, system operation, system detection, signal feedback and correction. The operator can input commands or data according to the problems displayed on the screen, such as barrel temperature, opening and closing distance, injection pressure, injection speed, and so on. After the input is completed, the system will run according to the input data or instructions. At the same time, the microcomputer processing system starts to monitor and detect whether the actual data and the setting data of the system are consistent. If it is found that there is a difference between the two, it is fed back to the processing system for timely correction. This not only ensures the reproducibility and repeatability of the product, but also enables quick adjustment. At the same time, the machine is equipped with a storage system that stores the current production data for reuse in the next production.
  2. In recent years, a more advanced injection machine has begun to enter the market, that is, all-electric injection machine. This type of injection machine has many advantages over conventional hydraulic injection machines, including: energy saving, clean, quiet, high precision and high repeatability. Therefore, for injection moldings requiring high precision, it has better performance than conventional hydraulic injection machines. Tests have shown that electric injection machines are 50% more repeatable than hydraulic injection machines, which is good for ensuring product stability. Therefore, several companies have introduced their newly developed electric injection machines, such as NISSEI in Japan and ENGEL in Austria, which are very popular.
  3. The main advantages of electric drive and control technology are better controllability and process stability, and the repeatability (position, cycle time) can be increased by a factor of two. The shortcomings of hydraulic transmission technology can be summarized as: leakage, noise, and poor performance. In contrast, the electric drive technology has no leakage problems and low noise (less than 60 dB). It reduces energy consumption by 50% compared to non-stop hydraulic pumps. In addition, because there is no problem with waste oil treatment, it is more beneficial to the environment. Therefore, electric injection machines are an ideal choice when producing high quality thin walled technical components such as housings or couplings. This high repeatability of the drive system is beneficial to processors who are attempting to increase process capability.

Application Prospect of Rubber Injection Molding Vulcanizer

In general, rubber injection machines represent the development direction of rubber molding production, which is of great significance for the development of circular economy and the establishment of resource-saving industries. At present, most non-tire rubber products manufacturers in China still use traditional flat vulcanizing machines. The dosage of injection machines is very small, estimated to be at most 5%-10%, which is quite large compared with 25%-35% in developed countries. gap. In 2005, China's plastic injection molding machine production capacity has reached 100,000 units, there are hundreds of large and small enterprises, and rubber injection machines only have more than 10 factories, the output is estimated to be only 1000-1500 units, the development potential is very huge. From the specific situation of the rubber industry, the development of rubber injection machines will mainly show the following trends:

  1. Rubber injection machines will continue to develop in miniaturization. That is, miniaturization, a small number, and no one, may become a new trend. This is because the purchase price of such models is low, easy to centrally manage, and the production efficiency is relatively high.
  2. The rubber injection multi-station machine will be further expanded. Multi-station machine is superior to vulcanization time and large rubber products, which is conducive to improving production efficiency, not only in molded parts such as seals and cushions, but also on molded injection shoes, soles and rubber pumps, solid tires, etc. More ideal production methods.
  3. Special machines and general-purpose machines for rubber injection will develop towards polarization. The special machine is quite competitive because it can save unnecessary functions, simplify the equipment, and greatly reduce the price of the equipment. Because the general-purpose machine is easy to operate and easy to change the mold, the range of the molded vulcanized rubber products is wider, and the multi-purpose machine is more flexible and more flexible. This is more economical and suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises with small batches and multiple varieties, and is an alternative to flat vulcanizing machines.
  4. The performance of rubber injection machines will continue to increase. Although the current structure and principle will not be greatly changed, the electric injection machine will become more popular in the future, the level of electronic control technology will continue to increase, and the clamping pressure, mold temperature, and measurement accuracy will be more precise.

Other capacity parameter: 






Clamping Force





Injection Capacity





Injection pressure





Operate table size





Min. Mold Thickness





Plunger stroke





Distance of Thermo-plate





Distance of Tie bar





Die sinking type

2RT-3RT-4RT-Upper ejector-Bottom ejector


Max. Operating Pressure





Motor Power





Heater Power





Total Power





Gross weight











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