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Rubber Injection Machine Development Path

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Company News
Rubber Injection Machine Development Path
Latest company news about Rubber Injection Machine Development Path
  1. There are many types of rubber injection machines. So far, rubber injection machines have gone through three stages: plunger injection, screw reciprocating injection and screw-plunger injection. 1. Screw type rubber injection machine In order to improve product efficiency and product quality, another rubber injection molding equipment was invented. That is, on the basis of the extruder, the pure rotation of the screw is changed to be both rotated to plasticize the rubber, and axial movement can be performed to inject the rubber into the cavity. This is a reciprocating screw injection molding machine. The injection molding method is: after the rubber material enters the injection machine from the feeding port, it is strongly sheared under the rotation of the screw, and the glue temperature is quickly increased. When the compound moves along the screw to the front end of the screw, sufficient and uniform plasticization has been obtained. The screw moves backward while rotating. When the rubber accumulated at the front end of the screw reaches the required injection amount, the axial power mechanism pushes the screw forward with a strong thrust, thereby injecting the rubber into the cavity. In this reciprocating injection molding method, the plasticization of the rubber is obtained by mechanical shearing, so that the rubber material is heated up quickly and the plasticization is uniform, so that the production efficiency and the product quality are improved. In addition, since the injection molding method can directly feed the cold rubber into the injection machine, the hot refining process is saved, the equipment investment and the equipment footprint are reduced, and the production efficiency is improved and the labor intensity is reduced. However, in the production of large-scale products, the amount of backward movement of the screw is too large, and the plasticization of the rubber material is limited. In addition, the gap between the screw ridge of the machine and the inner wall of the barrel is large, and the reverse flow and leakage phenomenon are easily caused during the injection. As a result, some of the rubber materials are repeatedly covered, which is prone to scorch, and the injection pressure is also limited. Therefore, the reciprocating screw injection machine can only be used in the production of low-viscosity rubber compounds and small-volume products.
  2. Screw-Plunger Rubber Injection Machine In order to solve the shortcomings of the above two injection machines, people combine these two injection machines to complement each other. This is the screw-plunger injection molding machine that is currently used more. The injection part of the machine is mainly composed of a screw plasticizing system and a plunger injection system. The injection molding process is: first feeding the cold rubber into the screw plasticizing system, and the rubber compound is squeezed into the plunger after being plasticized by the screw. In the injection system, the glue is finally injected into the mold cavity by the plunger. In order to make the rubber compound move in a certain order, a check valve is installed at the end of the screw extruder. After the plastic material is plasticized, it enters the injection system through the check valve and pushes the plunger up. At this time, the rubber is not It will go out from the nozzle and the resistance is large due to the narrow nozzle passage. When the plunger injects the compound into the cavity at a high pressure from the nozzle, the compound does not flow back into the injection machine due to the action of the check valve. Since this injection molding method combines the advantages of a plunger type injection machine and a screw type injection machine, it can produce large-sized, high-quality rubber products.
  3. The earliest rubber injection molding of plunger type rubber injection machine uses a plunger type injection molding machine. The injection molding method is: after feeding the rubber material from the feeding port into the barrel, the heater is glued from the outside of the barrel. The material is heated and plasticized so that the rubber material reaches a temperature that is easy to inject without being scorched. Finally, the plasticized compound is injected into the mold by a plunger. In fact, this injection method cartridge is mainly used for injection, supplemented by heat plasticization. Since the rubber is a poor conductor of heat, the heat transfer efficiency is low. If the rubber is heated only by heat conduction, the temperature of the rubber compound rises too slowly, and the plasticization is uneven. Therefore, it is necessary to heat the rubber in a hot-smelting machine first, and then heat it to a certain extent before feeding it into the injection machine. Therefore, the injection molding method has the advantages of simple structure and low cost, but it needs to be equipped with a heat mixer and a rubber mixing worker, thereby increasing equipment cost and labor intensity of the worker. The most important thing is that the injection molding method has low production efficiency. The plasticization is uneven, which affects the quality of the product.
  4. Plasticizing system and injection system installation method, sometimes there may be some defects, because the glue injected into the injection chamber first is finally injected into the cavity, which may cause the rubber to stay in contact with the end face of the plunger to stay too long. Lead to vulcanization, resulting in problems such as waste. Larger devices are more likely to do this. A first-in, first-out injection machine can solve this problem.
  5. The FIFO rubber injection machine is also divided into two parts: screw plasticizing and plunger injection. Since the two parts are installed in a straight line, at the beginning of the work, the plunger is in the front position, when the plasticized plastic After the plunger enters the injection chamber through the plunger, the plunger starts to retreat under the pressure of the rubber until the injection chamber is filled with the required injection volume, and the plunger stops moving backward. Then, the power part drives the plunger to move forward, and performs high pressure injection. In addition, when the rubber material passes through a spherical splitting shuttle before entering the mold, it is further plasticized, and the temperature of the rubber compound is more uniform.


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