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Automatic Vulcanizing Machine Operations and Maintenance

China Guangzhou Ju Chuan Machinery Co., Ltd. certification
China Guangzhou Ju Chuan Machinery Co., Ltd. certification
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Company News
Automatic Vulcanizing Machine Operations and Maintenance
Latest company news about Automatic Vulcanizing Machine Operations and Maintenance

Operation Main Points:

  1. The vulcanizer should use the handling equipment as much as possible when transporting. If it is transported by steel pipe, its diameter should not exceed 60mm. The machine should not be tilted excessively to prevent accidents and damage the parts and surface paint.
  2. The vulcanizer should be placed on a stable surface and the horizontal and horizontal levels should be corrected with a level meter.
  3. Add pure 68# anti-wear hydraulic oil to the fuel tank. The oil level should be above the top line of the oil level gauge. After the trial run, you need to make up.
  4. Remove the sundries from the hot plate and adjust the red needle to the corresponding pressure according to the size of the mold. The maximum is not more than 20Mpa. The green needle is the automatic pressure, which is generally about 10% lower than the red needle. Fill the skateboard and roller with high temperature grease.
  5. Turn on the three-phase four-wire power supply and rotate the “automatic” and “manual” to the automatic position. Press the "Reset" button, then press the "Stop" button to check that the end of the fully automatic vulcanizer motor shaft must be clockwise. The electric control box must be connected to the neutral line, and the main unit needs to be grounded with a 4 mm square wire.

Maintenance of Automatic Vulcanizing Machine:

  1. 68# hydraulic oil for pumping station. After 40 hours of trial, the newly purchased automatic vulcanizing machine must open the fuel tank cover, release the hydraulic oil, and wipe the fuel tank cleanly. The purpose of the copper mesh is to filter the oil and re-add it to the fuel tank. Clean every three months, no more than half a year. Unscrew the oil screw, release the oil, clean and dry the oil tank, filter out the impurities in the oil, and then re-inject the oil tank. Hydraulic oil needs to be replaced once a year.
  2. After using the vulcanizer cylinder seal for a certain period of time, if excessive oil is found, it should be replaced. When replacing the seal of the vulcanizer, raise the piston to the highest point, use the wooden stick to support the lower plate, loosen the bolts of the connecting plate and the piston, loosen the upper end of the quick cylinder, and put the upper end into the fuel tank (ie, the oil is lowered when descending) Fuel tank); Rotate to the manual position, press the M2 button to lower the piston to the lowest point and replace it with a new one. Then press the M3 button to slowly raise the piston so that the seal is fully loaded correctly.
  3. The vulcanizer electrical system should always check whether the connecting screws are loose. When copper black spots are generated on the contactor contacts, they must be removed with fine sandpaper. The working state of the electric heating tube can be reflected by the corresponding ammeter at any time. After three days of use, all screws should be re-firmed. Red insulation must be ensured when replacing the heating tube.
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